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Placing ads on my site

One way to make money from your site is through ads on your site, a business model which has been around for many years in the internet, where you dedicate and offer particular sections of your site's webpages for third party products and services advertisements.

Google Ads

One quick way to add ads on your site is to enter Google's AdSense program. Although this can essentially be seen as an "Affiliate's like program", I am mentioning it in this section because of its popularity.

What Google has done is to create a platform and bring together advertisees and advertisers through its platforms (AdWords for advertisees and AdSense for advertisers). Based on the keywords selected by the advertisees, their ads will appear on advertiser sites which have content relative to those keywords.

The advertiser (i.e. you) will be paid based upon the number of clicks on the ads displayed and the amount of money the advertisee pays to Google for each click. The click rate over the total number of ad impressions is called Click Through Rate (CTR) and varies usually between 1-5%. If you do the math, you will come to the conclusion that the more traffic your site produces, the more number of clicks on the ad links you get and therefore the more money you earn! Plus you pay nothing to join Google's Adsense program! You just copy paste a snippet of code they give you (after you register and setup your ads to match whatever color combination you want - I recommend you match your site colors in order for the Google Ads to blend in nicely with your site) and you are all set to go!

An example of Google Ads placed on an advertiser site is on a CNN page below:

CNN Google Ads

Banner Ads and advertorials

Another way to make money is to approach potential advertisees (companies or sites you see are being advertised on other sites) and give them your pricelist regarding placing banner ads or advertorials or other form of advertisement on your site.

This is very hard to do in the beginning, because your advertisee wants to be advertised on a site with a loot of traffic in order to increase his ROI (Return On Investment) and most probably your site (especially if you do not spend money to advertise your site) will have low volume of traffic in the beginning.

An example of banner ads placed on an advertiser site is on the Yahoo home page below:

Yahoo Banner Ad

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